Magnus Gertten has managed to make a film full of warmth and human presence, even a beautiful film, if one may say so, given the subject matter.

Robert Dahlström, Ystads Allehanda

Harbour of Hope

Audience feedback and comments

Here is a selection of the audience feedback and comments we have received after the Harbour of Hope screenings.

Marcelo Arce Castillo: A big thank you for a fantastic film.

Maya Wiehe: Thank you for a fantastic film.

Elin Mellbrand: Outstanding Magnus Gertten! To all, I highly recommend this film that will go to the cinemas in Spegeln, Malmo and Kino, Lund.

Åsa Sommar: Thanks for a very important and well-made documentary.

Lena Birgersson: Saw Harbour of Hope today, a really great movie. Am impressed by the fine condensated photo and dramaturgy. We were very touched by the film, my husband and me. See the movie.

Joshka Wessels: Very, very moving film. Incredible stories and archive material. I like the way the interviews are linking into the archive and linking different geographical regions.

Jeannette Hultner: Seen the film now. It touched my heart. I looked for my mother but I couldn’t find her. She came to Malmo with the white buses 26th of april 1945 after 2 and a half years in Ravensbrück. She was very ill and very weak her weight was only 37 kilo. She ended up at Malmo Hospital and staid for months.

Anna J. Ljungmark: Go to the movies and see Harbour of Hope! THANKS Magnus Gertten and Lennart Ström for letting me be with the unveiling yesterday. The movie was painful – but it was amazing to see how we can help each other. Something everyone should see, given how we treat refugees today.