Special Mention to Harbour of Hope

Krakow Film Festival 2012

Harbour of Hope

Norwegians passengers coming to Malmö April 28 1945

Here is a complete list of the Norwegian citizens arriving to Malmö, Sweden on April 28, 1945. We are currently researching more stories relating to these Holocaust survivors. If you can help us with information on one or more of the survivors, please contact Harbour of Hope director Magnus Gertten.

You can click on each of the passenger lists to enlarge it and read the details.

NorwegiansApril28Malmo1 NorwegiansApril28Malmo6 NorwegiansApril28Malmo5 NorwegiansApril28Malmo4 NorwegiansApril28Malmo3 NorwegiansApril28Malmo2 NorwegiansApril28Malmo11 NorwegiansApril28Malmo10 NorwegiansApril28Malmo9 NorwegiansApril28Malmo8 NorwegiansApril28Malmo7