…the film is so well mastered and captures your interest from start till end…

Tue Steen Müller, Filmkommerntaren.dk

Harbour of Hope

Harbour of Hope broadcasted by ARTE

After successful festival screenings in France, Armenia and UK during Fall 2013, Harbour of Hope will continue to reach an international audience in 2014. Harbour of Hope will be broadcasted by the French & German broadcaster ARTE.

First broadcast is scheduled for January 7, 2014. Re-runs will follow in the coming period.

Following the broadcast Harbour of Hope will also be available via ARTE’s VOD catch up service.

French version: http://www.arte.tv/guide/fr/048383-000/le-port-d-esperance.

German version: http://www.arte.tv/guide/de/048383-000/hafen-der-hoffnung